It All Works Out in the End

Last week in order to get to our show on time and get our car back to Michigan; we tried something a bit unusual. Flying out on Monday for Virginia, meeting the truck then splitting up. Josh drove the semi from there and I caught a flight to Minneapolis. I would have just enough time to drive to Detroit and meet Josh before we needed to leave for North Carolina. Those who know me well know I hate to drive so this was going to be rough.

It was all falling into place, flights on time and the like. That was until I’m standing in line to board my last leg and I realized that don’t have the car keys!!!! Not realize it when I have an hour to make calls, nope, not until I am getting onto the plane. I frantically called Josh and cried HELP! Then immediately dialed his brother-in-law, Jamie, whose house I would be staying at. Letting him know what was up and that I might need to be picked up. Then I phoned Josh’s mom, the person with a spare set of keys to let her know where they were and to overnight it. I got one last text message off before the plane door closed and poof I was in the air. Just about the time the plane was lifting off the ground, the old hamster got the wheels started to turn and I thought of renting a car to get up to my in-laws for the night. Oh shoot! What if Jamie is coming to get me!?! What to do, I’ll tell you; fire up that phone and pray that by some chance a last-minute text goes through before you are too far off the ground. Boy am I lucky. At 10,000 ft I got a message through.

It only gets better, not only did Josh get in touch with his mom about the key but she made it to FedEx before closing and got the keys out for a morning delivery. Then to make it even better, I was able to rent a pick-p truck at a low rate and move out the last bit of furniture out of our house before the sale.

In the end I got on the road only two hours later than planned and just a few dollars shorter.

It all worked out in the end.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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