Amsterdam Castle

While we usually stay at major hotel chains; every once in a while we will try something different. Usually this happens when the “different” is the only option in town. In our experience Bed & Breakfasts have small rooms and we can’t follow the meal times because of work schedule. The more fun places to stay usually don’t allow dogs either. When I was looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam, NY the options were pretty limited, America’s Best Inn or a place called Amsterdam Castle. Yeah, guess which one I wanted, the low-end chain or a castle!!!

While there was information about them being dog friendly to be found on the web I still wanted to make sure and a phone call later that was confirmed. What was also confirmed that the innkeepers would be away on vacation during the dates we wanted to stay. Now this is a true testament to the love The Phemister family has for their local library, knowing why we were in town they made arrangements for someone else to stay with us in the house. Amsterdam Castle is actually a former National Guard fort; this includes a huge gym, guess which room Pippi enjoyed most.

Ultimate game of fetch

Our suite inside the castle was HUGE! Not only was it two rooms but the living room actually had a small dining area. I wish we had been there for a week instead of just a few nights. Oh and the bathroom, total glam including a craw-foot tub to soak the stresses of a day away. Staying at a place like this was such a welcome break from our normal everyday routine. Gave us a chance to slow down and enjoy the beauty of this small town.

Can you have a castle without some dead critters?

On our way to Portland, ME we actually passed the Amsterdam Castle’s twin, a fort still use by the New York National Guard.

Billiards Anyone?
The main dining room

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  1. You guys! Who has seen more of America than you two! What a fabulous, special thing to do. Especially considering the alternative.

    Love, Pops

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