Do Not Disturb

It seems that when staying at hotels you’re always doing a dance with the housekeeping staff.  Trying to get ready without being bothered but not making them come back to make up the room.  We usually put up the Do Not Disturb on the door of an evening and remove it once we’ve departed.  Hoping to set a pattern that will make everyone dray run smoother.  What I don’t appreciate is a knock on the door at 9am asking when I plan to leave for checkout.  And what really grind my gears is when housekeeping ignores the marker and walks into the room at 8:30am.  If any of you have been around me that time of morning then you understand the volatility disturbing me.

This is all just another reminder that while you may be paying for a room, in reality you’re just a guest on someone else’s house. You eat breakfast with strangers, exchange pleasantries with strangers and stay in someone’s room. So tip your maid well and maybe she won’t catch you naked.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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  1. Do not…I repeat, do not disturb Abigail in the morning. If you have to wake her, poke her with a very long stick and be prepared to run.
    I still have scars.
    Dave S.

    1. Just to add an explanation for those of you who will never have the joy of seeing me first thing in the morning. Not only am I mean but I have a lazy eye that does not open for a good 20 minutes. Add a cowlick and it’s not a pretty picture.


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