A Place to Lay Your Head

Saying that we live out of a suitcase is no exaggeration. Every night our things are unpacked from a suitcase and scattered around a hotel room. That is a little dramatic, we don’t change hotels each night. Since hotels become our home we have gotten pretty picky. There are a handful we tend to steer towards. Most of the time we stay ay Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express or Comfort Suites, my personal favorite is Homewood Suites and we always pick these when available.

This is a pretty standard rule but every once in a while I want a change of pace. Our latest unique slumber was at an Aloft by W. I love Starwood hotels, but they are usually out of our budget. You can image I was pretty excited to try this new brand within the Starwood Family.


Now I would not stay at an Aloft every night but it was really cool. A very unique twist on floor plans and service. I found the room comfortable and spacious, with built in cubbies instead of a dresser. The bedside was a shelf and the tv wall mounted. The colors were very hip and fun. I was not a fan of the rooms lighting, even the bathroom light illuminated the entire room. Not great for someone trying to sleep while the other is up.


The Aloft hotel is very pet friendly, like most Starwoods are. Pippi had her own bed and bowls.

I would recommend them for a weekend away but not much longer than a couple of days.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

4 thoughts on “A Place to Lay Your Head

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  1. “Saying that we love out of a suitcase is no exaggeration.”
    Can I take a peek in that suitcase?

  2. We think you must have been born under a wonderin’ star!
    You gets to moves around and sees stuff which you tell us abouts, which is great!

    Does Pippi come everywhere too?


    PS: Pippi looks fantastic in this picture.

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