In Your Neck of the Woods

Like most other bloggers I cherish the rare opportunities to meet in person the people behind the pages. Even more amazing is when that person is the owner of a blog you have been reading long before you yourself were writing. I am now lucky enough to say that I have not only met Lallee but have dined at the cottage.

The boys, Baggins and Oliver gave Pippi the once over

There is one reason I post the “Coming This Week” posts, for the off chance someone who reads our blog will live near a stop and have a chance to stop by. It was hard to hide my excitement when Lallee invited the three of us over for dinner while in her neck of the woods. Unfortunately Josh had to stay behind to over see work being done on our exhibit. That didn’t stop Pippi and I from making the trip.

We had such a lovely evening chatting, laughing and of course giving lots of Scottie love.

Pippi made herself right at home

I feel so fortunate to have this loving blogger world, I hope one day to be an inspiration for s new blogger. To repay what so many of you have given me.

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  1. Hope fulfilled, definitley an insperation for me finally getting started, I am not too interesting yet but I hope to get there. So I hope that helps and I am not too disapointing lol.

  2. You know you’ve all got a standing invitation to come visit us at Rocky Creek Farm! I was hoping you’d be close enough in NC to sneak in a visit.

  3. The pleasure was all ours, Abigail! Both of us enjoyed your visit so much. Meeting in person was a real treat. I hope we get a round two in the next year!

    I sent an email after your visit but that may have been when you had computer problems. I will find it and re-send. I’ve had a health issue (I’m OK) since your visit and have not been blogging. I’m looking forward to doing a post about your visit soon!

    Hugs to you and your adorable princess Pippi,

  4. Abigail, I am so glad that you had the devine opportunity to visit the Hayes and to get to meet Oliver, Baggins and Sawyer. I have only met Laura and so wish I could have met the scotties. My heart goes out to the family with the loss of their sweet Bilbo Baggins….

    If ever out to California, you are welcome here, too.


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