Chain Gang

We had another reminder for why we usually stay at national chain hotels this week. Let me explain this a little further. Our hotels rooms are our homes, our residence for that day. We also have amassed a huge amount of hotel membership points at a few hotel chains. These points lead to upgrades and perks. So on most nights you will find us in a Hilton or Choice family rooms. However on occasion I get a bug up my butt and want to stay some place off the map. A bed and breakfast, private resort or such; last week was one of those moments. I had made reservations at a waterfront resort for a little cabin. Well when we arrived the place did not match the “brochure”. Not just that but boy were they rude. When we finally got checked in, after 20 minutes, we drive over to our room, not a cabin at all, to find that it has two twin beds. Not at all what I reserved. We drove back up to the office to sort this out. We were greeted with “What now”; needless to say it only took 5 minutes to get a refund. We immediately rebooked at a chain and were greeted with a chipper front desk manager, given an upgrade and enjoyed our time in Daytona. Lesson learned, again.

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