We Got it First

As most of country digs out of the snow and prepares for more, we are in Oklahoma and we got it first.  Foolishly I honestly thought that we would not get hit with anything, boy oh boy was I very wrong.  As you can see in my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday we are dealing with some ice.  Unfortunately because we doubted the storm’s strength a stupid move was made.  We decided to go ahead and deploy the trailer and set up.  Those blocks of ice are what Josh scrapped off the top of the trailer. Not only that, but for the first time in my career I canceled a show.  With Oklahoma in a state of emergency, schools canceled and it taking us 30 minutes to get to the truck we made the decision to cancel the show.  I felt horrible about it but everyone’s safety needed to be taken into consideration. 

It gets worse; since the weather did not heat up we are not stuck in McAlester, OK. We are unable to drive to the next show until the ice subsides a little. Oklahoma is not prepared for the clean-up, so I had to cancel a second show. These are not calls I enjoy making.

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