Hot Hot and Hotter

We had a little fun while that sun was out!  Not only did temps rise to 70 during our show days but our day off was beautiful.  Hot Springs, AR had lots of good in store for us.  After visiting a spa for mineral baths and massages we headed to the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is a restored bathhouse from the heyday of public baths.  They have nearly all of the building open with displays that walk you through the different areas.  I have to say the ladies got the shaft here, both of these images are from the Men’s bath!

Pippi and I certainly enjoyed our morning strolls in the park, checking out the springs and fountains.  I am such a sucker for a fountain.  The Promenade area is stunning, you can almost picture a century’s worth of visitors taking a stroll.

WHile Hot Springs has declined in popularity, there is still so much to see.

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