Rockford Fun

Woo Hoo we had a day off and boy did we make the most of it. I made a run to Fedex and was able to hit Sock Monkey Madness. The Quad Cities are the home of sock monkeys.

It was a hoot, monkeys of all shapes and sizes. I picked up an little monkey ornament and some socks with sock monkeys on them. Then Josh and I headed over to The Burpee Museuim of Natural History to see Paleofest. They have an adolescent T-Rex that is the most complete ever found, they call her Jane. It was a very nice exhibit but Josh started to miss Jonas as we went thought. A highlight of the evening was hearing a lecture from Dr. Robert T. Bakker on teeth found at dig sites and what that could mean for each species. All and all a very nerdy fun day.

Here is a boxasaurus made by a local third grader

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