Big Adventure

Well I have done it now! I have joined a team for an in-line skate marathon. First of all I have not skated since I was a kid, second I have never done a marathon and third I have never participated in a group training event. Now I am a fit person and don’t think I will have a problem with the endurance part but I have no idea how to actually skate properly. On the recommendation of one of my teammates I am getting K2 skates. This entire idea came about from working a promo this week. My boss Jacquie was teamed with me all week and we spent a day at Lake Calhoun, I commented on how amazing the the in-line skaters looked, well their butts. She brought up the idea of doing a marathon. She did one a few years ago and was looking for a good way to bust off her baby weight. Jacquie is looking at getting us a sponsor and I am looking at training programs. Hey we all have our strengths.

On the other note Josh’s reaction was you have to buy all the protective gear 🙂

So wish me luck and once I have the training blog up I’ll give ya’ll the ink

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