Bad Dog

Something has happened to my sweet little puppy, she is now a devil dog. She has been pulling a few little stunts here and there, does not know what the work “come” means anymore and just being a little turd.
Well last night she tipped the scale. First she consumed a gourmet dark chocolate candy bar. After a call to the emergency room and few web searches we figured out that she would not die but we needed to help her get rid of it. So Josh mixed some peroxide in with milk and peanut butter. It should take 15 minutes for the reaction to start. Well it didn’t, she finished the milk, he walked up the stairs to get her leash and by the time he was back down in the den she had thrown up twice. So after he stood outside while she was pooping and puking at the same time, he got to come in and clean up the two giant piles. I had no idea a dogs stomach held that much!!! So things calmed down and we watched a little TV, at bed time Josh went upstairs to find Pippi standing on the kitchen table.
We need to remind her whose house she lives in.

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