Now we travel

This Saturday Josh’s team played one of the more important games of their season. We faces the South Side Banshees in Eagan in the afternoon. It was a hot and stinky day! The Pig’s played the best game I have seen yet, they were fast, solid and played smart. Good tackles, winning rucks but in the end it was not enough to hold off the fast backline of the Banshees and they took the lead.

This now means that we are second place in the state and with a victory against Lakehead (Thunder Bay, Canada) we will be traveling in the playoffs. So hold on we might be in in IN, IA or WI the weekend of Halloween. I will let you know. The Banshees are a recently demoted D2 team that was able to push and have an undefeated season.

One other rugby news, World Cup is getting hot!! At least one European team will be in the World Cup final. They pulled it out, turned on the gas when it counts. I will be interesting to see what comes of the bad call in France V New Zealand.

We did stop Sunday and pick up pumpkins, took 10 minutes but we got some good ones!!!

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