Year in Review – 2015

It has come time to write one of my favorite posts, an overview of the "numbers" we racked up over 2015.  As always feel free to ask about anything I don't mention. Countries Visited: Bonaire, Belize, Canada States Visited: 29 - really low numbers this year, we hardly left the East Coast National Parks Visited:... Continue Reading →

A Year in Review 2014

This is always a fun one to share, the year in review.  Sort of gets crazy when you look at some of those numbers.   If there is something you are curious about feel free to ask and I will add it. Countries Visited: Canada States Visited: 34 plus Washington DC, lifetime total is still... Continue Reading →

A Year in Review 2013

While I took a few months off from writing, writing on this blog, we did not take off time from traveling.  This year was a wild one with more coast to coast jumping than we have done in years.  Trying to manage two different projects and keep up with school with a huge challenge.  I... Continue Reading →

2012 in Review

Our trip to middle earth is now over and return with relaxed minds, tans lines, countless gigs of video and photos to edit, and wonderful memories. With so many places on the globe to see it’s hard say that you would repeat but I’m sure we will go back. It’s like no where else on... Continue Reading →

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