Coming this Week: May 18th – 24th

After a long weekend off, with an impromptu trip the Florida Keys for some diving, we are back at it and into the lovely Carolinas.  This week we have shows in Warner Robbins and Charleston but plan to make a few stops to visit our friends.  We are working our way up to the VA/MD market.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Coming this Week: June 17 – 23

So coming this week we are onto Warner Robbins, GA and Huntsville, AL. We will then be leaving this region and going to Texas, starting in Austin.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Quote of the Week: I love you but you don’t know what you’re talking about

Song of the Week: Willie and Lucas Nelson “Just Breathe”

Rental Car: We started the week in a Chevy Cruze, leather and the whole deal. However it also had a Hertz GPS unit called Neverlost. This thing is horrible! It’s huge, in the way, hard to use and not very effective. I would rather have not had one in my rental and just used our Garmin. Lesson learned. The Chrysler 200 saw us through the weekend. I was a bit hesitant, the 300 is one of the worst cars I have driven. It was fine but a little small for it’s class.

Hotel notes: The Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon was a fantastic facility. Every element was top notch! we have stayed at so many Hilton hotels that were way past their prime it’s a treat to not be charged out the nose for a room that still features the curtains from the 70s.