Coming This Week: October 26th – November 8th

I’m not sure how to make sense out of our upcoming schedule so I put up new calendar pages.  Josh and I are going to help out on separate tours until the end of the year.  I will be mostly in Detroit, sometimes joining Josh.  I will probably be in Chicago often too.  Josh will be doing some miles this week he hits Houston and Auburn, AL.  However before we return to work there are some adventures yet to be had.  First of all I am going to Ohio to get some R&R and we are ending the week with a BANG!  We have tickets to the see USA Rugby play the New Zealand All Blacks at Soldier Field in Chicago.  We are also going to be seeing tons of friends from all over the country who are also going.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Week in Review: Last week was wonderful, we spent time off the road relaxing with family.  There was some time to watch a movie and the choice was Gone Girl, we have both read the book (all of Flynn’s actually).  We are in disagreement of this one.  I loved it, he thought it was long.  If you have not read the book you will love it, if you have it’s a tossup.

My mom made meatloaf "cupcakes" for me.  That is mashed potato frosting!!

My mom made meatloaf “cupcakes” for me. That is mashed potato frosting!!


IRB Women’s Rugby Sevens 2013

A year ago, yes this post is a year late, we had the chance to see one of the rounds of IRB Women’s Rugby Sevens in Houston.  We scored some great tickets on Groupon and killer seats from some very good rugby.  I had not seen sevens in person before, I’m a Union fan myself.  Sevens is much faster than Union rugby and pretty exciting.  This was also about the time we had a new lens and the chance to take sport photos with good equipment.  I have picked out the best to share here (saving one for WW).  While Team USA didn’t win the tournoment they represented USA Rugby with great skill.  If you want to see more please hop over to my Shutterfly Page.

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