Coming This Week: February 26 – March 3

We have just arrived in the Twin Cities and are leaving already, too soon if you ask me. Making our way to Tomah, WI tonight and Appleton, WI later this week. It also looks like we will now be heading for Jackson,MS instead of Texas but that is completely in the air now. Post of... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: February 19 – 25

This week we will be spending most of our time wrapping things up at the office for a month long trip back out into the road. We will be arriving in the Twin Cities on Friday to launch. This is just an outline for the trip, check the calendar page for updates. Twin Cities -... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: October 9 – 15

After wrapping up a visit with our relatives in Dekalb, IL we head back to Dubuque.  This should include a quick trip over to Galena with my Mother in Law, Karlyn.  Then...... wait for it...... we are coming up to the Twin Cities to complete the sale of our townhouse.  I haven't talked much about... Continue Reading →

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