Coming This Week: February 9th – 15th

Check out the Calendar page to see the updated schedule.  We are still technically in the LA market this week but out shows are outside the area.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Not Gonna Get Us performed by t.A.T.u., Josh got a kick out of the Russian Olympic Team walking to this song at the opening ceremony being that this Russian pop duo made it big by being portrayed as a two underage lesbians. I think the act was brilliant, they had a cute sound and a catching image.

Fun Phone Photo:


Sweet little puppy Dala, my freind’s

Recap: Last weekend we got to see our New Zealand friends and have dinner, it looks like there will be another chance to meet up during their Epic American Road Trip 2.0.  We also took advantage of being near Long Beach and attended the Travel & Adventure show here, very fun.