Coming This Week: November 16th – 22nd

Well I hope no one is trying too hard to follow our upcoming schedule because it just changed again.


I am currently in Florida but head out Monday to join up with Josh in Nashville. He is in St. Louis today, actually going to see my parents. After Nashville we roll onto Knoxville but plan to actually spend the week in Asheville.

Week in Review:
Well many things were a bit rattled this week. I spent the entire week in Florida and Josh was in St. Louis for most of it. He went to City Museum and had a great time. He said it was incredible. As you can see it was pretty crazy.




He made sure to take a pic with one of my buddies

He made sure to take a pic with one of my buddies



Coming This Week: June 23 – 29

Today we say a sad goodbye to the West.  We have been out here since launching in January.  Josh and I are both very fond of the wild west and feel a like leaving home.  I think this is partially because we don’t know when we will make it back out here.  

The mountains are calling and I must go.

Fly Fishing

This week will see us to St. Louis and then a quick hop up to Cedar Rapids.  We will have time both Wednesday and Thursday evening to have dinner with anyone who is interested.  Next is a down week, we are planning to spend it at home but also might take a trip up north.  

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps