Coming This Week: October 5th – 11th

Welcome to California, this week we are in San Diego and Irving. Going to see a few friends while here as well. Next week we head north for even more sun.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the week: Footsteps by Pearl Jam, this week’s selection comes via my audiophile friend Guido.

Week in Review: Movie time, we went to see The Drop. It’s a slow moving film but very good and being as a theater with big leather recliners helped. Had we been in less comfortable seats it might be been irritatingly slow.

As predicted we were able to see some friends, a spot in Albuquerque gave us a wonderful couple of meals with our buddy Paige. We have not seen her in nearly 8 years, as travels have taken her all over the world too. Paige and I were both recruiters and models together back in the Twin Cities. Needless to say we have a plethora of interesting stories. We also stopped in Phoenix for dinner with my aunt. She is actually going home this weekend for a visit, I’m more than a little jealous.




Coming This Week: September 28th – October 4th

This week is not set in stone, for once.  We are staying in Dallas a few extra to finish some truck maintenance and have the remainder of the week to drive to San Diego.  Right now we are planning to stop in Albuquerque and Phoenix but all that can change.  Next week will be split between San Diego and Irvine California.  Looking forward to watching football with family and some scottie visits.  This marks the last month of our tour season with Rohde & Schwarz.  They will be taking the truck down until February.  We do the last tour stops in Silicon Valley.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Song of the week: If I Get Murdered in the City – The Avett Brothers


Week in Review: Josh and I are now Texans, having finished changing our residency.  We  also hit up another Best 20 Burger Joint, Keller’s Drive-In.  I’m starting to think this list is a bit off.


When in Texas you have a beer with your drive-in

When in Texas you have a beer with your drive-in


Wrapped in Neoprene

This is a old set of photos that I just found while cleaning out my emails. These are from a cold water dive in San Diego. Being that we are back in the area I figures it might be fun to share.

This was my first cold water dive and that still wasn’t enough neoprene. I hyperventilated on the surface from the cold shock and my blood vessel constricted to fast. After a moment I was fine and went down to explore a cool sunken ship. Totally worth it






Coming This Week: April 14 -20

Boy am I glad to be heading out of the Southwest, this Midwestern girl just can’t take the heat. I actually travel with a very small bedside humidifier. Sunny California welcomes us back today with a drive to San Diego. We will spend half the week there before making for San Jose, a stop that see us through next week as well. I will be exploring San Jose by myself this week, Josh is going home to Iowa. The wedding of his cousin Seth to the lovely Abby will be wonderful event I’m sure.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps