Grown-Up Field Trip – San Antonio 

The city of San Antonio has much to offer but when you have only one day off to experience the area what do you pick? On a recent work trip to the home of the Alamo, we found ourselves with short window of downtime to see the sights and our local friends. So here is... Continue Reading →

Grown-Up Field Trips

We all have memories of childhood trips to museums and monuments, getting drug around  a parent to, UGGG, learn some history.  For some these events ignited a passion getting to know what makes a community special, in others they are antidotes for how they don't want to travel.  Well, Josh and I think we have stumbled upon the... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: April 15 – 21

Unfortunately Josh and I will be spending another two weeks apart, he arrived back just in time to see me for Easter but had to leave again on Thursday. He is once again helping out another driver whom needed to leave a tour. I am staying in Detroit to work on items for our upcoming... Continue Reading →

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