A little rant about renting cars

Traveling as much as we do there are a few things that have to be completed every week. We need a hotel and a rental car. Usually this is fairly straight forward, hotels must be within 15 minutes of event sites and we use Enterprise Rent-a-Car. They pick you up.  We aren't flying in, we... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: July 29 – August 4

We are spending all week in Whistler, but start the second leg of our tour next week.  Stops include San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Denver. Quote of the Week: "One of my favorite pastimes is getting a nephew messed up on Shady Lane Margaritas" Song of the Week: Back to Me by Kathleen Edwards... Continue Reading →

Rent a Ride

There are some definite perks to our lifestyle, like earning enough hotel and travel points that we get a huge break on vacation costs. We also get a chance to stay at resorts that would otherwise be too pricey. One fun perk is tied into our transportation. While we do travel around in the truck,... Continue Reading →

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