Bittersweet Ending

Over the last nine years on the road we have worked with countless clients, taken exhibits to 48 states, and been exposed to a diversity of industries. While no two tours are the same, there are some national events that tend to draw in our customers each year. You can always count on at least... Continue Reading →

Grown-Up Field Trip – Portland

We thought it was about time to share another one of our Grown-Up Field Trips, taking in Portland.  This place is made for an GUFT.  , While we have been there a few times, the opportunity to explore had not been present as our main client has an office in the Portland area.  When we finally... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: May 12 – 18

It's finally Portland week!!! We arrive yesterday with views like the shot below to keep us rolling. It was a LONG drive. In California and Oregon trucks are limited to 55mph on the interstate, that makes for some slow going. Lucky for me I had lots of time to finish a paper for my class,... Continue Reading →

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