Nuns on the Run

After posting the family pictures last week I received a few inquiries about what the little Nuns on the foreground were all about.  Well those just happen to be a set little holy sisters made from gourds.

They were made by my Great-Aunt, a Franciscan Nun.   We just call her Sister Jean.   These little gals now travel all over the country visiting different family members.  We recently started a Facebook page dedicated to tracking the adventures they get into.  We try to make sure they are at any large family function but otherwise the whole point is to share a little of your unique life with the rest of the family.  Just another way to keep connected.

The girls have never gone with us, once we get another fun tour I’ll try to score them for a spell.   The idea was sort of like how the Roaming Gnome got started with without the drama.