Was that California or New Zealand?

Josh and I were starting to wonder if somehow we had missed a turn and ended up back in New Zealand. The area around Yosemite shares some very similar features that might just make it worth skipping the 12 hour flight. First of all the Sierra Nevada's are majestic like the mountains and striking cliffs... Continue Reading →

History in Auckland

It takes watching just a few seconds of Lord of the Rings to get an idea of how beautiful New Zealand is. With so many wonderful places to go why would you ever spend a day inside or at a museum? For two people who often spend their days off at an exhibit missing some... Continue Reading →

The First Drive Day

The first test to our friendship came just a few days into the trip, how do we do in the car together. It was going to be three really long weeks if one person had a bad habit. Thankfully it wasn't a terribly long drive from Auckland to Rotorua. Josh even did some of the... Continue Reading →

Making Cold Bubbles

We couldn't possibly go on vacation and not go for a dive, thanks to Air New Zealand we didn't have any of our gear.  While my suitcase arrived the next day, Josh's didn't come for two more. The site we picked was Poor Knights Island, one of the more famous dive sites in New Zealand.... Continue Reading →

The Arrival

It's Christmas morning and we have arrived in Auckland, this is the farthest we have ever traveled.  We are here to meet our friends for a three-week long trip around the islands.  They wait patiently for us to clear customs and join them for celebrations at a childhood home.  We wait for luggage that isn't... Continue Reading →

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