Olympics Canadian Style

Before I begin I want to make it clear that I am not trying to bash any American athlete or our coaches; just NBC’s terrible coverage.

As you know we spent last week, opening week of the 2012 Olympics, in Canada. Just as we would have done in US, we spent most of our free time watching the events. It was such an enjoyable experience to see rowing, kayaking, water polo, judo, boxing, soccer and more. As soon as we crossed back over to the states the only thing on was swimming! Not that it mattered what event was on the broadcasters were only talking about Phelps and Chinese doping. It’s sad! Even last night while four of the most talented swimmers set out to make history in a relay, the talking heads called it Phelps’ race.

I’d rather go back to Canada and see coverage of events that a home country is not a shoe in to win. We can’t be the best at everything but all of the events are interesting. Enough with the pool! And if one person can win 20 metals maybe some of the events are a bit to redundant. What other sport can a single athlete compete in so many classes?