Coming this Week: July 27th – August 2nd

A week off the road, well sort of.  I am going to home to help my family with a few things while Josh stays in Detroit to help the company with a few things.  Next week we hit St. Louis and Cedar Rapids.  Then it is vacations time, we are joining Josh's family in Missouri... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: June 2 – 8

Ahhh!!! A lovely week off from work at home. I am already enjoying the space of being away from the truck. However it's not a hotel free week, we spent Saturday night at the fabulous Kirkwood Hotel in Cedar Rapids. We were surrounded by family to celebrate the wedding of Josh's cousin Angela to her... Continue Reading →

Long Way From Home

There are few things that make me laugh more than someone telling about how small the town they grew up in is.  Like that tiny hamlet 20 minutes from Chicago with only 30,000 people.  Or perhaps you grew up just outside a city with a large university.  I laugh because it may have felt small... Continue Reading →

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