I Like Eels

In case you weren't sure what I looked like

In case you weren’t sure what I looked like

I like eels, yup those creepy faces are just too cute not to like.  They are funny and usually put on a good show while we are diving.   A few times I could swear that an eel has popped out to say hello to me and ducked away when someone else came by.

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So when we were at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week I was happy as an….eel to see all my buddies.  Now there are more than a few cool parts to this regional aquarium, for instance the research they are doing to grow kelp and in turn keep the oceans healthy is amazing.  The aquarium is also home to birds, not just outside, one of the tanks has two little disabled ducks that add the to ecosystem.

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Coming This Week: January 26th – February 1st

We say goodbye to the Bay Area and onto the next market, Los Angeles.  With some shows around Long Beach you can sure bet we will be making a visit the Queen Mary and the sweet Scottie Carleigh.   I don’t know for sure how long we will be in Los Angeles and then San Diego but a month is likely. Arriving this Friday is my bestie Maria from New Zealand.  Just can’t wait!!!!!!!

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week:  Fishin’ in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

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Recap: Last week was had a great day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, oh the fun we had.  I have a thing for eels and was not disappointed.  While in Sonoma we visited with cousins and friends from Minnesota, had a few glasses of wine too.  This was my first time with my Polaroid Camera, it was a hit.  Love it.