Killing Time in Kilgore

We have often talked about how every small town has its own claim to fame and usually a little museum dedicated to its honor. Kilgore is no exception, actually there are two on the same block. We had some time to spare and thought a visit to the East Texas Oil Museum was just the ticket.

Located on the Kilgore College campus the museum’s entrance is marked by a full-scale drilling rig and you’re greeted by a local volunteer. Like many other museums we have been to with low patron rate you get a very personal tour. The guilds were more than happy to walk through with you, even if you were happy to go on your own. Just be prepaid to hear their take on the display materials.

Courtesy of ETOM

The 22 minute movie came highly recommended and we did sit through it. The movie covers the history of the area and the oil boom. They skips over the environmental effects of the massive drilling, the dramatic changes in social and economic changes to the area. The museum is a feast for the eyes, including animatronics, full-scale recreations of the original downtown Kilgore at the time of the boom and a large collection of artifacts.

However they try to skate around talking about the negative results from massive scale mining by claiming this is a museum about the town and life at the boom. They take full advantage of explaining mining techniques and technology while skipping any of the environmental results. It’s hard to take seriously a facility that is so biased.

Quite to the contrary across the street is the Rangerettes Showcase. Growing up near Western Illinois I always thought the Wranglers dance-line was just the best, so pretty and wow they can kick. The Rangerettes are only to be rivaled by the Rockets in precision drill. East Texas definitely has something to be proud of with a tradition like this.

Courtesy of the Kilgore Rangerettes


Coming This Week: February 17 – 23

This will be our fourth week in Texas, couldn’t be happier. It’s not that I don’t enjoy snow but I do not enjoy doing shows in cold winter dregs. There have been some chilly and windy days down here but all in all it’s a dream. This week and next keep us in the Dallas market with a quick excursion to Kilgore, TX. A trip I am assured will be interesting.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

My dear friend Katherine shared this article about transitioning from DVD to USB as a media sharing vehicle. I’m a convert, and after discussing this with a few other photographer friends, have also figured out a solution to some backup storage issues we have been running into. DVD is to volatile for our lifestyle to use as a secondary backup method, the first being an external hard drive. one hot day and we could ruin a stack of DVDs.