2012 in Review

Our trip to middle earth is now over and return with relaxed minds, tans lines, countless gigs of video and photos to edit, and wonderful memories. With so many places on the globe to see it’s hard say that you would repeat but I’m sure we will go back. It’s like no where else on earth.

We are going straight back to work after this, just a couple days in Detroit to load up the truck for another long tour year. The only breaks we will get this year are ones that we schedule with time off. However, boy are we going to make some miles. The first few months will include Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Glorious California. This means I’m chasing the sun and getting to visit some places we usually have to skip.

This seems like a good time to share a few of the stats from last year.

Miles: More than 60,000

States: 42 (knocking two off of my “never been to list”)

Countries: 3 (Canada, Mexico, New Zealand)

Shows: 70

Tours: Four total between Josh and I

Days on the road: 336

Bloggers met up with: 10

Favorite Show: Taking the R&S truck onto the Kennedy Space Center and setting up in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building

KSC with WM

Favorite Place Visited: Well I’m going to put New Zealand here, hard to top that

Any other stats you’re interested in?

Coming This Week: November 11 – 17

This is our last week of touring with Rohde & Schwarz, probably not our last week on the road. We will be in Clifton, NJ and Syracuse, NY this week. After these last two shows the trailer is going to visit Indianapolis for some repairs. We will probably stay with it and also be going back to Detroit over the next month.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Note from last week: One of our stops last week was at the Kennedy Space Center, not the visitors center, we were on the actually NASA facility. Not just that but parked right next to the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building. This definitely makes the top ten awesome event sites.

I loved all the comments from Pippi’s post about Walking the Line, Scotties are funny little critters. A friend of mine, Lauren, shared a hilarious picture of one of her scotties battling the famous grass sharks.