Coming This Week: September 14th – 20th

We are making some mile this week, leaving Illinois for North Carolina.  With one stop in Greensboro we are motoring to Birmingham, AL.  As you can see we trying to hit every region in a short amount of time.  Dallas and Kansas City are coming close behind.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Song of the week: Home Grown Tomatoes – Guy Clark, this is just a fun song performed by a very talented musician.

Week in Review:  We had a chance to see Sin City 2, being big fans of the first but wanting to wait until it had been out a bit. We were the only ones in the theater, a fun experience, but I understand why. It was very disappointing, while the first was thrilling and moved quickly the second is painfully sentimental.  It is not a must see but if you are going to partake see it in 3D.

I got my camera back from the shop, I am rough on them and very thankful I purchased the warranty. Going a month without it was hard

Being back in Illinois was refreshing, even more so after we hit a cool bar called The Beer Market in Schaumburg.  There is nothing “special” about it other than it’s a well put together place.  The taps are varied and rotating, the bottle selection is amazing, simple food served fast, the music is loud enough to hear but you can easily have conversations and the staff was super fun.  These smiles are after a 13 hour day, this place has a great vibe.

Look at all those bottles

Look at all those bottles

Coming this Week: May 25th – 31st

I have updated the calendar page but rumor has it that my schedule will change again soon.  I do know that for the next month or so we will be on the East Coast.  As you can see we are centered around Southern and Central Virginia this week, making both tour and personal stops.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Song of the Week: Born to Run by Emmlou Harris


Recap: After enjoying some sun last week it was time to enjoy some friends.  We were able to stop and see those very special to us that are scattered over North Carolina.  Cupcakes and beers were enjoyed all around!!


Fun Phone Pic: Saw this little tin scottie at a shop in The Keys


Coming this Week: May 18th – 24th

After a long weekend off, with an impromptu trip the Florida Keys for some diving, we are back at it and into the lovely Carolinas.  This week we have shows in Warner Robbins and Charleston but plan to make a few stops to visit our friends.  We are working our way up to the VA/MD market.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Coming This Week: October 28 – November 3

We are starting our final few weeks of shows before the 2013 tour year end for us. The next few weeks will be a bit crazy and fast paced. We start out in Greensboro (visiting friends before the push), a show in Charleston, SC and one near Atlanta. Weekend plans to be determined but they will be limited because we move to Florida next for a shows at the Kennedy Space Center and then over to Clearwater with a push up to Huntsville, AL.

Notes from last week: We are hid out from the first few days of Hurricane Sandy in Greensboro with our friends The Campbells. Got in lots of hugs with their newborn.


Coming this Week: May 27 – June 2

We will be spending most of this week with our dear friends, The Campbells, in Greensboro. However we are hoping over to Santa Fe for a wedding, what a destination right!

Next week is looking like Charleston, SC and Melbourne, FL.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Quote of the Week: Lawry’s Salt?! That sounds like some of communist plot.

Song of the Week: Alabama Shakes – Hold On

A comment on last week’s Song of the Week (Dallas by The Flatlanders), on Monday I found out that we will be spending the 4th of July in Dallas and we might get to see a whole bunch of friends and family.

Rental Cars: Ford Fusion; a pretty boring full size car but I was very smooth on the roads.

Coming This Week: November 6 – 12

We’re back to the office in Madison Heights, MI moved into the company apartment to boot.  Helping out around the office and finishing projects for the Library of Congress tour.  We will be hopping up to Toronto for a day trip but back to Michigan that evening.

Post of the Week:  Thought this would be a great time to share with everyone a new addition to the Scottie Blog family – My Life With Scotties.  We’re always glad to see another Scottie Mom out there wanting to share stories about her adventurous fur kids.

Coming This Week: October 23 – 29

Well I made it safely back to Detroit after my 14 hour drive back from Minneapolis. Then immediately departed for Greensboro, NC. Josh and I rare helping out the sales team with a few prospective client meetings. We will then head back to the office in Michigan.

Post of the Week: This comes a great Australian travel blog, but the advice in international.  Check out some tips that my dear friends at Rockmad have to share about travel.