Loyal Patron

We wrapped up our year-long tour with the Library of Congress on Sunday and were greeted again by those delightful little stink bugs once we hit Virginia. It was an instant reminder we really have been gone for a year. Saturday was a much tougher than I had expected; so many friendly faces and hugs to be found. I’m not a terribly sentimental person but when the Librarian of Congress comes by to thank you for your work the past year it’s a bit over whelming.

Closing each tour is a little sad but after you’ve done it a few times the sting goes away. We have enjoyed working with the Library of Congress a great deal but being able to wrap up the project has its pluses too.  I have a TON of paperwork to clean up and recaps.

We are spending time with our families over the next few weeks and going to see friends. I will probably be telling a few more stories. But right now I am just unplugging.