Coming This Week: December 9 – 15

Definitely wrapping up our year quickly now.  We left Indy late last week and went back to Detroit.  This week we will finish up the preparations for taking the truck out again next year.  This coming weekend my family is getting together to celebrate the Holidays.  We are all meeting up at my uncle’s home in DeKalb.  Next week we will be in Dubuque sharing cheer and prepping for our big trip.


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Coming This Week: December 11 – 17

This week we are in for a real treat, the plan is to leave work on Friday (in Michigan) and head for Dekalb, IL. My family will be getting together to exchange gifts and laughs. While it’s not a quick drive over, it is well worth it.


Post of the Week: I’d like to introduce you to Angus and Molly, so cute they give Pippi a run for her money! They have a delightful blog called Two Scottie Livin’ The Dream, take a second to pop over and say hello.

Coming This Week: October 9 – 15

After wrapping up a visit with our relatives in Dekalb, IL we head back to Dubuque.  This should include a quick trip over to Galena with my Mother in Law, Karlyn.  Then…… wait for it…… we are coming up to the Twin Cities to complete the sale of our townhouse.  I haven’t talked much about it because I just didn’t want anything to go wrong.  But the day has come.

Post of the Week: A huge congrats to our buddies and shipmates over at Adventures From the Road for being featured on WordPress Freshly Pressed this week!!!