Coming this Week: July 20th – 26th

Well, it has been too long since I have posted.  No good excuse here just took some time away.  Our schedule has been light lately and we have been taking advantage of the downtime to do some camping and backpacking.  We are getting close to the point in the year where we change the tour schedule a bit and the next half will be fast moving.


For now this week holds a stop in Long Island and one near Baltimore.  Next week is a maintenance week, so while Josh is staying in Detroit to oversee the truck work I am going home to Illinois.  Lots of fun planned there.  From there we do one more week in Midwest (Missouri and Iowa) before we take vacation and then head back East.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps


Song of the week: Shake by The Head and the Heart



Week in Review:  I’m sure that it would offend a few people to find out that I don’t really care for Boston.  So when we are in this part of the country and have time off we head up to New Hampshire.  It is very much like the parts of Minnesota we miss.  We did a little camping at Mt Sunapee State Park and had a lovely Anniversary celebration at The Maples at Warner B&B. 



And just because I can, to my handsome husband of 7 years!!  Happy Anniversary

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Coming This Week: August 28 – September 3

This week’s tour stops include Concord, NH and Portland, ME. We are expecting a couple of special guests in Portland so it could be a crazy time. After that we will be in Newport, RI and West Hartford, CT.

Post of the Week: Now Pippi cannot swim, I’m not even sure she could save herself!  So anytime she is near water (more than a puddle) we strap on her float coat.  Even with that she will only swim to someone who hangs onto her.  Well our Scottie buddies in Florida don’t feel the say way.  Check out this post from Lallee’s Cottage about her sweet little dock dog Buzz!  Don’t her little guys look so sweet in their float coats!

Courtesy of Laura Hayes and Lallee's Cottage