Extremely Fun

While in New Zealand Josh took advantage of the extreme sport offerings to make his memories.  Cave tubing, glacier hike, river surfing, and bungee jumping.  He took the GoPro with him on all of these and I made a video the other day of his bungee experience.  He chose the longest fall available in Queenstown.  A 134 meter jump from a gondola suspended on cabled over a river valley.  It’s called the Nevis Bungy and as you can see from the video it is every bit extreme.

Perfectly Good Bridge

What would possess a person to fling themselves off of a perfect good bridge with noting but a rubber band strapped to their waist?!?!

Getting strapped in

Well that’s Josh; bungee jumping with some friends of ours in Whistler. Who knew that folks in the test and measurement crowd were so adventurous? I did not partake in the experience but was glad to video and photograph the jumps. Most of my videos didn’t turn out well but the images did.

Look at Emily go!

Prefect form

Free falling

Everyone said it was a blast and would never have done without coming together. I just have to say it was darn scary!!!!  I was freaking out from the viewing deck.  Just imagining the fall was enough for me.

They all loved it and were nothing but smiles on the ride back.

Even Pippi enjoyed the view