A Year in Review 2014

This is always a fun one to share, the year in review.  Sort of gets crazy when you look at some of those numbers.


If there is something you are curious about feel free to ask and I will add it.

Countries Visited: Canada

States Visited: 34 plus Washington DC, lifetime total is still 49.

National Parks Visited: Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Shenandoah National Park.

Miles Driven: 50,000

Nights in a Hotel: 340, yup this was a long year.

Tours: Rohde & Schwarz Technology Tour, Con-Way Tailgating Tour, DIA Away and Animal Connection by The Smithsonian Institute.

Best Location: Venice Chalk Festival with Animal Connections



Favorite New Place: Key West, we had been saving that stop up for a good three-day weekend and got lucky this year.  It is really worth going once.



***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***


Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (3 of 12)

This spring we had a chance to visit another National Park, Bryce Canyon. While it is not very far from Zion NP, they are entirely different. Zion is a in the Canyon while Bryce is on top, yes I am being general here. Zion is intense views of the geology while Bryce is sweeping views. Both have famous trails, we did Angel’s Landing in Zion while we did Queens Garden in Bryce.

Isn't she regal

Isn’t she regal


I was shocked by the amount of snow and cold temps in Bryce. There was even a bit of the road with low visibility due to the high winds on the ridge blowing snow across the road. Zion was full of people and wildlife; Bryce was so wonderfully peaceful and quiet. I would say serene.

Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (4 of 12)

I’m going to let the images speak for themselves.

Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (12 of 12)

Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (11 of 12)

Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (8 of 12)

Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (7 of 12)


Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (6 of 12)


Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (1 of 12)


Bryce Canyon 2014 - ER (2 of 12)


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