The House on the Rock

If you are not familiar with The House on the Rock, I don’t fully know how to describe it.  I will share a link to the Travel Channel bit on it, but I felt like I was on a ride through the obsessive mind of a genuine eccentric.  The kind of person that others model their own odd ramblings after, hoping to capture an ounce of his creative drive.  The “he” I am referring to is Alex Jordan the creator of House on the Rock, the curator, collector, visionary and artist.

One of the collections alone (books, china, music machines, service sets, road signs, sculpture, ext.…) would be enough for an average person to fill their life with but not Jordan.  He saw a beauty in the art of collection and in the preservation, a mission to keep pieces of the past for the future.

We went just after Christmas when the place was still in full holiday regalia, a bit distracting for my taste.  I wanted to see more the architecture but the snow kept that as bay.  There are 1000s of images that exist of The House on the Rock so I will share just one that sums up our visit.


A quite roam through the buildings with just a handful of other guests, at peace with the amazing place and this amazing mind.