Coming This Week: August 7th – 13th

Well this could be an interesting week. I am once again home to visit with my folks but this time Josh is out on a tour. He has been able to step in and take out a program for Sprint, this is a small trailer that sets up at mostly community events. He is hitting the State Fair circuit, with this regional tour. Next week will have us both in Michigan and probably enjoying some of the more unique area festivals.

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Song of the Week: Hurricane Season – Trombone Shorty


Week in Review: It was nice to spend a little time together during the summer, we often have such different schedules.   I did head back home a touch early while Josh made for Indianapolis.    Lucky for me the my hometown was hosting the annual county fair (Brown County Fair).   Had the opportunity to take in some harness racing with my family.

I was also “home” for the grand opening of a coffee shop in my hometown.   I’m from a town of 1300 people and it’s the county seat.  Biggest town for miles!!!!   So the opening of a coffee shop is news and something that Josh is looking forward to.
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Momento App

I have a thing for tracking apps.  I like Swarm (formally Foursquare), Untappd, I’ve got an Apple Watch that tracks well just about everything, you name it I either use it or have tried it, but until recently I didn’t have a good way to search all that data.  That’s where Momento comes in, this app links to all the others and creates a sort of diary that is also searchable.  For example I had a friend who wanted to know where we stopped to eat after attending a rugby match a year back, I just loaded that day on the app and scrolled into the time log.  Boom I found that place.

It can also be set to send you an alert each day with a breakdown of what you did that day in the past from all your connected apps.  I always find it interesting when we are back in the same place at the same time years later.  This app has settled a few arguments as well, there is a way to see when we were someplace before LOL.


While you might not be into tracking everything from how much water you drink to where you stayed last night, I love it.  Momento is a just an easy to use database (with a diary function) that lets me indulge a little.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***


Coming This Week: July 31st – August 6th

This week we will be spending part of the time in Detroit.  Josh is heading to Indianapolis while I am going home to spend some time with my folks.  Next week I’ll be home still and Josh will be in Detroit, his is working with a lower mileage program this summer.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Hurricane Season – Trombone Shorty


Week in Review: This week was pretty uneventful, we didn’t work any events just helped out in the shop.  This post is late due to a last minute canoe trip on Chippewa River.

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Coming This Week: July 24th – 30th

I actually have no idea where we will be this week.  We are starting the week still at home with my folks and then heading back to Detroit.  I am certain that there will be some travel and adventure to have but I don’t know what that will be.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

Week in Review:  Last week I mentioned that we were at a pretty cool festival in Indiana, it was the Three Rivers Festival.  There were a number of unique “happenings”, the actual festival is spread out in different area parks.  Each location has a bit of a focus, we were near the carnival and not far from Junk Food Alley.  There were concerts, car shows, craft shows, and raft races.  Homemade boats sponsored by local businesses raced on one of the rivers, but to add a little fun many had water cannons and balloons.  We stayed and watched the race, witnessing battles between spectators and the teams.  So you can either row to win or swerve close to shore and bombard the crowds.  It was awesome. Every festival should do this.  We spend most of last week with my folks, helping out while my dad is recovering from surgery.

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The Finish Line


For the last three years I have been taking courses from Southern New Hampshire University in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Marketing. While this probably should have been motivation to blog more, I found that there would be weeks pass by without the desire to share. Now there are certainly people who got through programs like mine with a heavier work and personal load I don’t feel the need to compare myself with others. I didn’t go down this path to find a new job or get a raise, nope I just wanted this. More than 10 years ago I graduates from Western Illinois University with a B.A. in Communications, yup I have a degree in talking. While I love my alma mater by no stretch of the imagination did I put in much effort, C’s get degrees.


So this time it meant more, I was still paying for my undergrad student loans but I am happy in my career. However there was just something missing, while I am good at my job I knew I could be better. Josh and I had discussed years ago that to be a more dynamic team one of us needed to have an advanced degree, one round of ro-sham-bo later and it was on me. I took some time to find that right program for me. I work full-time and a very unusual job at that, my hours are anything but 9-5. I needed a place that would let me do it at my own pace and possibly take time off, there are times when we launch a new program that there is little time for anything but work and sleep. This is how I found SNHU, I did call after seeing commercials but the conversations with my admissions advisor sealed the deal, they would be my university.


It’s been three years and MANY late nights cramming, you would think that after all this time I would not put things off. All the work and time did earn me a degree but that’s really what I see as secondary. There are so many projects and papers I worked on that opened my eyes to new avenues and ideas. Josh was a huge part of my progress, discussing ideas and pursuing things with me. We would spend hours talking about brands and different marketing techniques. We will never see peanut butter the same. It inspired in both of us a passion to do more in experiential marketing. Now we have debates about what a program could be doing, how we can make something better, or how we could us an idea in one the existing campaigns (you can bet we are looking at adding a Poke-element to all programs). I know that I look at every aspect of work differently now.

I also could not have done without all the people in my network. I can’t thank my family, friends, and co-workers for fielding all the random calls and emails. More than one time a passing conversation with a someone sparked an idea for a project or got me over a hump. My closest girlfriends were the frequent recipients of these random texts and calls. Oddly enough all of them are currently taking classes, following different paths. I felt so supported and encouraged. And I do miss it a little.