Winter Wonderland – Video

Josh took the GoPro with his yesterday while cross-country skiing, wanted to share of bit of the blizzard with you.  We are snuggled in at his folks but this is kind of cool.

Perfectly Good Bridge

What would possess a person to fling themselves off of a perfect good bridge with noting but a rubber band strapped to their waist?!?!

Getting strapped in

Well that’s Josh; bungee jumping with some friends of ours in Whistler. Who knew that folks in the test and measurement crowd were so adventurous? I did not partake in the experience but was glad to video and photograph the jumps. Most of my videos didn’t turn out well but the images did.

Look at Emily go!

Prefect form

Free falling

Everyone said it was a blast and would never have done without coming together. I just have to say it was darn scary!!!!  I was freaking out from the viewing deck.  Just imagining the fall was enough for me.

They all loved it and were nothing but smiles on the ride back.

Even Pippi enjoyed the view

Actually I’m Not a Smuggler

We had the recent “pleasure” of crossing into Canada with an exhibit truck, for the first time. No amount of advice or warming could have prepared us for how difficult this can be. There are forms that need stamped before you cross the border but there are no signs marking where you can pull over to get them stamped. So guess what, we ended up going to the crossing and getting escorted back to the US. Escorted back to the unmarked building that is. Josh then went inside to “leave his forms in the tray” and wait and wait and wait for US Customs to stamp the papers. Of course she wanted to see what was inside the truck (you can’t actually see inside of the trailer when the expansions are closed). So we finally made it to the border where the friendly Canadian Border Agent greeted us and sent us moving along.

Our meeting went smoothly and we decided to come back across the same day. Again, if you follow the signs for customs it sends you to Do Not Enter and Dead End areas. So Josh finally just pulled off the road and went into a building. After getting the forms stamped by Canadian Customs he asked what the deal was with parking. You can image his shock when the Agent instructed him to next time, park in the NO TRUCKS area. It’s now 9:00 pm, while we’ve had a long day it wasn’t unbearable. I can’t say the same thing about the US Border Agent on our way back in, she must have been having the worst day or she is just nasty to everyone. She actually yelled at us a few times. Not for doing anything wrong but instead of asking a question she would yell an order. She acted horrible towards us. One of her questions was if we cross the border here often, not to complain but she has our passport record open in front of her. I know their job is to try to find anything suspicious but seesh! We treat people coming into the US horrible.

Welcome to the USA – Smuggler?