The Long Way

Hanging out today at a pub in Queenstown, while Josh goes down a river on a boogie board, trying to figure out how to start talking about our trip.  The best part is that it’s not over; we still have more than a week left to this vacation. Since arriving in New Zealand on Christmas... Continue Reading →

Bananagrams and Chocolate Trivial Pursuit

One question that keeps popping up on my iMessage from friends and family while we are here in New Zealand is "how is everyone getting along?". I know that our companions, the Ericksons, are getting the same inquiry from their mates. How would you do on a three week long road trip with another couple?... Continue Reading →

A Hidden Treasure

I've been a bit lazy in my photo editing but wanted to share a bit more of our trip. The flooding caused us to change the planned route a bit and seek out alternate lodging. The pot at the end of this rainbow was pretty amazing.  

The Rains Come

The rains have followed us a bit this trip. While in Holitika on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand we got caught in a crazy storm. It down poured for over 24 hours and causes massive flooding. The main bridges to the north and south of us washed out. This is... Continue Reading →

Hidden Valley

Sneaking past a barrier to dip in the amazing hot water cave pool at Hidden Valley. It's called Ruatapu and is one of only two of its kind known in the world. This will probably be the cheapest spa treatment I have while here. Truly refreshing and utterly serene. <;aphref="">;

Coming This Week: December 31 – January 6

Week two in New Zealand, the miles are making our way to the amazing south island.  Stops in Wellington, Nelson, Hokatika, Fox Glacier and Queenstown are planned.   I am trying to share a bit as we go but honestly I have no desire to edit the amazing photos right now.

Coming This Week: December 23 – (30/31)

 Today we leave for New Zealand, departing Dubuque at 8:30am for O'Hare (Chicago).  Our layover is in San Francisco before arriving is Auckland. This week we will see Auckland, Whangarei, Rotorua and Wellington.  Being fan of LOTR and the Hobbit I think it's pretty cool to spend New Years in Wellington.   Wanted to share... Continue Reading →

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