Bedroom Makeover – Wall #1: Before

So here is what we are starting with, a large wall. Here is the view of a print called Lady of Shalott the we got from Victorian Trading Company and framed with an IKEA frame. I know it is kind of morbid but I love the colors and softness. I tend to think she is... Continue Reading →

Pretty Marriage Certificate

As part of the new look for the bedroom we are looking at artwork that is rich in colors and patterns and keeps with the vintage feel. I found a very pretty Marriage Certificate from Victorian Trading Company. It even has a plow on it, just perfect. I kind of got the idea from my... Continue Reading →

The Bedroom

We have decided to finish our bedroom. My idea is to keep with the soft, warm Celtic feeling of the room. I am going to stencil a Celtic Knot work border in 3 rich colors on our "Pink" walls. Then add a few mosaic tiled candle holder and tapestry table runners to the dressers. Now... Continue Reading →

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