Bedroom Makeover – Wall #1: Before

So here is what we are starting with, a large wall.

Here is the view of a print called Lady of Shalott the we got from Victorian Trading Company and framed with an IKEA frame. I know it is kind of morbid but I love the colors and softness. I tend to think she is floating down the River Styx not to Camelot.

We got this dresser off Craig’s List, actually the entire bedroom set for $300.

I love that lamp, it was a wedding gift from Target!

Now here is issue one; I like the pictures and the oil lamp and the vase but they don’t really work on the dresser.

Pretty Marriage Certificate

As part of the new look for the bedroom we are looking at artwork that is rich in colors and patterns and keeps with the vintage feel. I found a very pretty Marriage Certificate from Victorian Trading Company. It even has a plow on it, just perfect. I kind of got the idea from my folks. For their 25th wedding anniversary they were given a beautiful Papal Blessing and display it in their bedroom. I do need help however; we need someone with a good hand to do the writing. I think will be another great touch in creating a warm, romantic space. The next step is to order the stencil in time for my folk’s vacation. Yeah mom you are getting roped into helping with this.

Josh’s mom has volunteered to help us with this, she also addressed our wedding invitations.

The Bedroom

We have decided to finish our bedroom. My idea is to keep with the soft, warm Celtic feeling of the room. I am going to stencil a Celtic Knot work border in 3 rich colors on our “Pink” walls. Then add a few mosaic tiled candle holder and tapestry table runners to the dressers. Now I am not sure what to do to the vanity but I would like to put some sort of “Frame” around the mirror.

I searched our Snapfish account and can’t find a picture of what it looks likes now. I know at one time I sent Kathy a camera phone picture. I’ll try to take one.

So… let me know what you think.