Big Travel Plans

For someone who writes a blog about their life I realized that I keep much of our lives private.  There is some pretty cools news that I haven’t really been talking about.  Big travels plans like spending Christmas in New Zealand is something to share.

This will be the first time that we aren’t going to be with our family on Christmas and certainly the first time outside of the US.  We are taking a three week long road trip with our fellow travel lovers, Rockmad and Sweetums.  After spending last new years together we decided to try a longer trip.  Like us they have a hard time taking vacation anytime outside of years end.

This dynamic duo grew up in New Zealand; yup we have some pretty authentic travel guilds for this one.  After months of working on the planning this are shaping up, mostly due to Ree’s amazing research.

This will also be the longest vacation I have taken, well deserved since it’s the only one we will have taken this year.

I admit that the 17 hour flight scares me a bit and I can’t believe that we are actually going.  How many people get the chance to do something like this?!?

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***