Coming This Week: December 2 – 8

Still in Indy.

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Coming This Week: November 25 – December 1

What a truly wonderful trip home we had, spent time with both families and all of the little ones.  My mother and I braved Black Friday, well not really, we went to Hallmark at 6:00am to buy ornaments.  Today we are making for Detroit to pick up our truck, it is getting moved down to Indianapolis for a few weeks.  We will stay down there while repairs are done.

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Coming This Week: November 11 – 17

This is our last week of touring with Rohde & Schwarz, probably not our last week on the road. We will be in Clifton, NJ and Syracuse, NY this week. After these last two shows the trailer is going to visit Indianapolis for some repairs. We will probably stay with it and also be going back to Detroit over the next month.

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Note from last week: One of our stops last week was at the Kennedy Space Center, not the visitors center, we were on the actually NASA facility. Not just that but parked right next to the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building. This definitely makes the top ten awesome event sites.

I loved all the comments from Pippi’s post about Walking the Line, Scotties are funny little critters. A friend of mine, Lauren, shared a hilarious picture of one of her scotties battling the famous grass sharks.