Love My Job

We have only been back on the road for two days but already we are reminded why this job is so amazing.

Here is the sunset from the first night we were out.

Today we are parked in La Crosse, WI and what an amazing place. I actually think this might be our new home. As for the event it is going so well, we had 1000 guests in the first 6 hours. The number is way over that now. We are here for a Train Show but there is so much else going on that we are just flooded and getting a wonderful response.

Then last night we went to a place called Bodega Brew Pub, they have more then 400 variates of beers. The bartender was so nice and chatted with us. I think the city is so cute too. The pub helps, I had two different wheat’s off the tap and Josh did the new Gonzo Stout from Flying Dog.

So don’t be shocked if I turn into a Cheesehead.

A Few Days Off

From Wisconsin we had some extra time to visit the Storey family in Upstate New York. They live in a huge house in a small town outside Utica. Bernie was there too so it was a double bonus. We spent a good portion of the time hanging out by the fireplace but did find some time to visit the delicious local taps in Utica. And I got to go shopping.

Bernie and Emma

One of the very cool pubs in Utica

Josh and Jeff with a Utica Club

Man I love Seattle

This tour stop was my second time in Seattle; the first was a sunny spring weekend earlier this year with my buddy Jeff. Since I was coming from my visit home and Josh was drive from Dallas I got there a day early and had a chance to see my good friend Ric Peterson. We did a little shopping and then headed to his home out on Vashon Island, yes we took the ferry!!! This was the first time I was able to meet his family. It was a beautiful place; on my morning jog I saw not a single house that looked the same. Everyone was unique and very interestingly landscaped. The prefect way to start the day.

The Petersons

We were to be staying at the famous Edgewater, a place just referenced in the movie we saw in Dallas! Wow was it a cool hotel, it is decorated in this rustic style that is modified to be very contemporary. Our room was on the top floor and had a view of the canal. We decided that we want to decorate our bedroom and bathroom like the hotel’s. Even the artwork was our style.

There as not lack of seafood for dinner, we ate at a number of good places, including the amazing restaurant at the hotel. We do splurge every once and a while. There was nothing about this hotel that I did not fall in love with, even the staff was great. And….. they don’t charge for dogs in the rooms, Seattle is known to be a very dog friendly city.

All of this was a blast but the real highlight of the trip was seeing an old friend from college, Ray Bunk. He works as a Police Officer in a town near by. We met him one afternoon at Pike’s Place. Now this would be fun to wander around as a tourist but to have a guild made it so much better. There are floors and floors of cool little shops and the fish market was a hoot. The entire area is beautiful and all bustling. The cap of the day was heading to a very authentic Irish Pub, Kells, for lunch and cheer. They laughed over college shenanigans and how life has changed, I enjoyed the local beers. To me Seattle to such a lovely city even in the rain I think it looks amazing. The people are wonderful and just about the most friendly you will find. I can’t wait to come back. Actually we are thinking about coming to see Ray on a little vacation.

Josh and Ray

Kells Irish Pub

Josh being a tourist at Pikes Place (Go Pigs!)

Last stop in Seattle was to the original Three Dog Bakery for some Pupcakes.