Handmade Notecards

I finally took the plunge and joined a handmade note card swap. I think I did ok for my first time. I defiantly have a better idea of what to do next time. One was for Josh’s Birthday, better then a Hallmark.

Jan Carroll Mother’s Day Giveaway

J. Carrell Originals is going to have a Mother’s Day Giveaway!

The Giveaway consists of a Pink Frilly Tea Apron, Teapot and Cozie along with a set of teapot cookie cutters. This will be a really nice gift for mom or yourself!

There are three ways to win:

The winner will be chosen by random drawing at 9:00 P.M. on May 4, 2008. Apron will be mailed the following Monday so that you will receive it in time for Mother’s Day. Good Luck!

Flirty Apron Swap

Last week I finished up my Apron for the Flirty Apron Swap on SwapBot. I wanted to try to make an Apron the was lined and decided to see if I could just make it fully reversible. Well I did. It took the better part of 2 and a half yards of fabric but what came out was a frilly, flirty masterpiece! The original design has a contracting ruffle on the bottom and top but I am experimenting . I did a pastel version (not suited for my partner that has the ruffles) It takes about 20 minutes to cut out and about 45 to sew. If you cut all the pieces together it all finished nicely.

Dishtowel Creation

What do you do with a bunch of dishtowels?

You make an apron!

I took a set of coordinating dishtowels and some wide quilt binding and made an apron for a Craft Swap. It was not hard, just needed lots of pins to make sure the seam in the middle stayed perfect.

When I cook I like to be a little messy and use my aprons at hand towels, so I thought why not skip a step and make some thing that is easily washed and a little heaver then just decorative cotton.

I wrapped it for my partner in the other towels from the set.

First stab at Quilting

Tonight I will work again on a quilt block, my first quilt block, for a swap. I am nervous, I was paired with a very experienced quilter and I want to make sure it is special. I am doing a simple pattern and sprucing it up. So here is attempt #1 and wish me luck on the remake.

Another Apron Bites the Dust

Last night I got 90% of the Halloween apron for my mom done. I like hers much better then the one I did for the swap. I am going to put a pocket on it too. I should be able to get the done tonight.

I also made 6 dozen peanut butter cup dog treat, it was a productive evening. I believe I need about 3-4 dozen for Christmas gifts, so I’ll get those counted out and in the deep freeze tonight. The others are for all the new puppies we have in our lives!!! One of Pippi’s playmates just got a baby sister (Stella) we are going to go see her this Sunday. Josh’s cousin Sam got a puppy. I am also planning to send some to my partner in the Dog Lover Swap I joined.

I did it

Well I made Chili last night, for myself. This way if it was bad Josh would not get to grip about it and if it was good he could have some. So a can or Hormel Chili starter, onion, hamburger and some chili powder later; I had done it. It was very good, well a good base. I now have enough confidence to go out on my own and just use beans. Living up here I think you need to be good at Chili. It’s so easy too and for an even better version I will use the crock pot.

My craft list today is as long as it was a week ago!!! Office Curtains – not started; Mom’s Apron – not done; Dog Swap – not started; Christmas Pillows – not started; and a long list of Christmas gifts. Added now are hemming Josh’s work pants. He is helping me cut out the stuff for the pillows and the Rugby flags. Huh huh huh guess what he is doing tonight 😉