Making More Bubbles


Josh and I have a fancy new toy to take on our trip to Cozumel, a Dive Computer from Oceanic. When we decided to pursue SCUBA diving as a hobby we also decided not to rush into buying a bunch of gear. As each trip has progressed we have a better idea what types of equipment we like and want to buy instead of renting. I would certainly prefer to have my own things but there is still a breakpoint between having to travel with this stuff and just renting it. The decision to get a dive computer stems from our comfort level in the water and wanting to extend our experience. Right now we rely on using dive tables and conservative measurements of our guilds. While it is recommended that each diver have their own computer, we just purchased one. I am usually at a not at the same depth as Josh and his times will be fine for me. He eventually wants to get a different style of dive computer, one that will be integrated with gear that we have yet to purchase. At that point I will inherit this wrist mounted one.


I wrote this post last night and today we are going to a dive shop just for one more look at a few other pieces of equipment before our trip. Who knows what they might have on sale that fits our needs.


Thank you to Josh’s parents for giving us the funds to make this purchase possible, a very generous Christmas gift.

Fancy Phone

For the last three years I have stayed connected to the world around me and our far reaching networks with help from my Blackberry. The service provided by this device has slowly but dramatically declined over the last year. My phone is my office, my assistant, my lifeline most of the time. Without a smartphone I have no idea how I would do my job effectively. So a very tough decision was made, abandon the Blackberry and find a new smartphone to be my right hand. After months of reading reviews, talking to sales clerks and trying out devices I have a new phone; an iPhone 4s and it sure it pretty.


I already have an iPad and Josh has an iPhone so we were already on the Apple bandwagon. It was not a hard transition and I do like the new phone. There are things that I don’t like and miss about Blackberry but with an 8 mp camera I’m not looking back.

I have jumped ship and there is no going back.

Coming This Week: December 25 – 31

What a way to start and end a week!!!! We’ll be starting it in East Dubuque and ending it in Chicago. There is something very special for us in Chicago, we are going to spend New Years with Rockmad and Sweetums!!!!

Courtesy of Google Maps

Post of the Week:  I’ve started another blog, a Tumblr blog.  A place to post up smaller and silly posts.  More of The Roving Van Gelders.

All She Wants For Christmas

With Stuart sharing his ideas for what to get your Scottie this year, I thought we would share what Pippi will be unwrapping.

Tis the season for a new sweatshirt! Been eyeing this one for a few years and happened to get a 50% off coupon for Black Friday. So she will be sporting this fabulous and funny hoodie from Ruff Ruff and Meow, purchased in red.


It is just too cute and the perfect item for those wet but not too cold days. Josh still thinks she would rather have a snuggie.

Coming This Week: December 18 – 24

As you can imagine we head home for our Holiday break this week. It looks like we’ll be in East Dubuque for a week starting on Friday. However before we head out there is one final show to finish out 2011. This will be the first time that we work on the American Legacy tour.  And we are Pug-sitting!!!!  Oh yeah a week with Chancho the wonder pup.

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Post of the Week: The Australian to English translation guild over at Rockmad