Sharing Some Christmas Joy

This post is a little delayed but as i stayed earlier I took this vacation off!!! Not that posting is work but there were photos on the camera from some of the later Lincoln shows that i did not want to see and be reminded that I need to edit and send to the company. Here is a little Holiday Cheer to spread. Here is a link to all of our Holiday photos.

SHARKS!!!! (notice that Nana gets them matching jammies)

So many presents so little time

Santa didn’t forget Pippi

My mom even decorates the inside of the package!!

We got Fred a Hot Wheels car hauler

I just really like this shot of Jonas

Chancho just wanted one of Pippi’s bones, man is he cute

No Pippi that is my stocking
Every year my mom makes our family matching pajama pants, we decided to sport ours with some flair! Thanks Mom we love them.

This is what happens

When you eat the last cookie or when everyone is hopped up on cake and new presents.

When you eat the last cookie!

After sharing gifts and goodies with Josh’s siblings we loaded up for Grandma’s. Sounds easy until nearly everyone started getting sick. We all have different symptoms but one big case of the icks. Nothing can cut this families spirit we are all gathered around singing carols.

They have a creative spin on gift exchanges, you still draw a name to buy for but the recipient gives the initials of their most wanted gift. Your task it to find something that matches the letters. You can get funny or just creative. Mine were D.A. (Dubuque Address) and I got dog accessories. We bought for E.M. and gave an Evil Monkey and Easy Money. Makes for lots of laughs.

As much as I love my in laws my heart aches a little each year that I don’t spent it on the farm.

Christmas Shopping

Well HO HO HO, we have started our hunt for holiday gifts and boy are we good, LOL. Even Pippi has is getting in on the action, below is a new toy. She also got a new coat and leash.

I just wanted to let you all know what our holiday plans are. We will be in Detroit until December 19, then onto St. Paul. On the 23rd we are leaving for Dubuque likely staying there until the 26th. We may take some extra time getting home and will be going up north too. But we will be in town then until the 4th. So HO HO HO better be good if your on my list.