Pack ‘Em In

This post is a little tardy but better late than never. I often write posted a week lake but they are about museum and such, not time sensitive. Post about Halloween this late is shameful.

I want to share quick update on my Pops. He is home and resting; last week he had surgery to stabilize his back and drain a cyst. Other than having the pain of post surgery and feeling like his rib was broken, Randy is great. Plus my mom is becoming quite the nurse! All is good on the home front and we will be there for a visit in just a few short weeks. Vickie get cracking on those noodles!!! Or should I say Katie.

I have often spoken about how our families are both small town folk.  Much of Josh’s extended family lives near Waterloo, IA and that is where our early show was last week. Coming from families of farmers has its advantages; they have truck parking at the house. Early Sunday morning we pulled into his Aunt Cindi’s homestead and settled in for a day of relaxing. She greeted us with hugs and a full spread for lunch! Folks I’m talking good eatin’; biscuits, veggies, soup and jello. That was just the start, later that evening we were joined by Uncle Dave and Aunt Ruth. They brought a monkey with them; well little Olive dressed up as a monkey.

We spent the night and the next few days with almost all of Josh’s cousins, I swear that we nearly had a reunion going on in the trailer.  I want to thank everyone for coming out and for finally getting to see what we do!

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  1. Glad your dad is home. The reunion sounds like great fun!

    Pippi look cute, as usual, even if she looks none too impressed with having to dress up!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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