What’s in the Bag, Maam

Earlier this week I was over at 12 Legs Travel and got a kick out of their post about how they manager their cameras on the road. Since you all see so many shots we take, both for work and play thought it might be fun to share a little about my cameras and how we keep them with us.

My main camera is a Nikon D5000 with a handful of lenses, that is what most of the shots on here are and all of the images on our Shutterfly Page are. I adore this camera and its ease of use. Most of the time it has a home within our Lowapro CompuDaypack. A fully padded backpack that has a laptop sleeve, a camera section and a little room of all the cords and chargers. This how we keep our gear nice, clean, organized and easy to move around, i.e. in and out of hotels. I also have a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home bag, this is what we throw gear into when going to a tourist destinations. It’s light, good looking and holds more than just lenses. It is also home to my little baby.  Both my bag are orange 🙂

Here is my Diana Mini film camera, a gift from Josh’s sister. This pocket sized fella is a blast, even though I know nothing about shooting film I still love to play with it.

The newest addition to the family is an Olympus FE, this 14 megapixel gem is a great point and shoot. I snapped that shot of the Diana with it. I really only used the pinhole setting on it yet. I just don’t know what these are good for, except size. I will be packing it with me at the holidays, along with the others.

2 thoughts on “What’s in the Bag, Maam

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  1. No wonder you pictures look so good. Of course you have good subjects. We just have an aim and shoot, cheap thing.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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